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  • Ideas

    Planned (10)

    • Abstract Intent Machines   intent machine, user intentions, automation, machine learning

    • Anoma Level

    • Anoma Network Architecture   networking machine, peer-to-peer networks, network security, communication protocols

    • Compiling to ZKVMs   zero-knowledge proofs, zkVM, virtual machines, privacy-preserving computation

    • Distributed Solving and Mechanism Design   distributed solving, mechanism design, game theory, consensus mechanisms

    • Intent Machines   intent machine, user intentions, automation, machine learning

    • Multichat

    • Ordering Machine   ordering machine, transaction ordering, consensus algorithms, distributed ledgers

    • Public Signal

    • State Architecture

    In progress (3)

    Anoma Resource Machine Specification   anoma, blockchain technology, protocol design, resource machine

    Controllers (version: 1.0)   controllers, distributed systems, network management, system architecture

    Heterogeneous Typhon (version: 1.0)   heterogeneous protocols, typhon, interoperability, protocol integration

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