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Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ section addresses queries pertinent to the submission and review processes of an ART?

Who is authorized to submit an ART?

We expect Anoma researchers to submit the majority of ARTs. However, submissions are open to scholars worldwide.

Where can I send my comments and questions regarding ARTs?

Each ART has a corresponding author with an email address listed on the PDF. Please contact this author directly with any questions or comments regarding the ART. Otherwise, you can contact the ART team at Heliax via email at ([email protected]).

What steps are involved in submitting an ART?

Authors must adhere to our submission protocol, which details manuscript preparation for peer review. The guidelines are provided on our website.

Who evaluates the submitted ARTs?

The ART team at Heliax, comprising Guest Editors and reviewers, is tasked with the rigorous evaluation of submissions to ensure scholarly excellence.

What is the expected duration for ART approval?

While the timeline for review may vary, our commitment is to expedite the approval process, maintaining the highest quality standards. Typical review timelines are measured in days or weeks.

Why should I consider submitting my work to Anoma Research Topics?

For Anoma engineers and researchers, writing an ART is not only a significant contribution to Anoma's research endeavors but also counts as working hours within your employment cycle.

What incentives do reviewers receive?

Reviewers who are Anoma engineers or researchers will find that participating in the review process is recognized as a valuable contribution to their working cycle. Additionally, reviewers are duly acknowledged in the ARTs they assess.

Is reviewer eligibility restricted to Anoma researchers?

Anoma Research values collaboration and invites external experts to join our reviewer pool. If you possess expertise in our fields of interest and wish to contribute as a reviewer, we encourage you to contact us.