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News and changes



  • Fixed a bug related to Zenodo metadata and broken links. Each new version of a paper on Zenodo creates a new DOI. However, all the versions of a paper are under one root DOI. We are now using this root DOI as the primary key and only render new entries in the ART list based on this key. This change required a few updates in the codebase, including the way we fetch and display the metadata. The change is now live and should be transparent to the user. The other versions are also listed in the paper's page.
New Features
  • In the list view, we now show the latest version of a paper and provide a link to all versions on Zenodo. We also show the the date of the latest version and the tags associated with the paper.

  • Links such as now redirect to the correct version of the paper. We also generate hidden links for each version of a paper, which can be accessed by using the record/version number (extracted from the doi). For example, corresponds to the one of our papers with doi 10.5281/zenodo.10498993.

  • We now automatically generate the art.bib BibTeX file gathering all the ARTs in the list view page. The file is available for download on the LaTeX Setup page. Also, available at


  • Add instructions to add planned/work-in-progress ARTs to the WIP page.
  • Update CI.


  • Update the reviewing flow with a new step: notifies the acceptance of the ART for publication within the next working day to the author, suggested by @D.


  • New ART: Abstract Intent Machines.
  • On the Work-in-Progress page, each entry under review includes a link to Zenodo for easy updates and versioning. The link is generated from the id field in the Zenodo metadata.


  • Improved BibTeX citation generation, now visible on the LaTeX Setup page.


New Features
  • New page: Work-in-Progress to list ARTs that are currently in progress. This view tracks the status of ARTs, including those under review, in progress, and planned. It also provides a link to the internal HackMD document for each ART, which includes edit and view Overleaf links. To this end, on Zenodo, drafts should contain an additional notes field with the following format: stage: under-review, inprogress, or planned. Optionally, it can also include a review field with the names of the reviewers, separated by commas.

  • By default, in the list view page, any ART's discussion link points to the Anoma Research Topics forum. However, if an ART has a discussion field in Zenodo, it will override the default link.


  • Fixed a rendering issue on the types of papers page that was preventing the display of the examples of technical and survey papers.
  • Fixed an issue in the CI that was preventing to use the environmental variable CI used in the configuration.
  • Improve the mermaid's diagram on the revision process for the curation policy.
  • Reviewed the guidelines for the reviewing process, which it also includes the revision's diagram.
  • Include "Discussion and Conclusion Remarks" in the structure documentation.
  • Add a new section on our adopted criteria for authorship in the structure documentation.
  • Changed nav title "Structure your paper" to "Article guidelines".


  • Fix BibTeX citation generation, url, and doi fields.
  • Update site url to
  • New ART: Anoma Resource Machine


  • Fix search functionality.
  • Fix issue that was preventing showing LaTeX snippets in the LaTeX setup page.
  • Update CI to respect CNAME file and download ARTs submodules.
  • Updated the review process to include a few more questions and links to our ref.bib file.




New features
  • Links to Drafts in List View: Added Overleaf, GitHub, and Discourse links to the draft entries on the list view page. This metadata is sourced from Zenodo and, therefore, it needs to be incorporated through the Zenodo interface by adding a new description notes field. The content must have the following format: <key>: <value>, where <key> is one of the following and <value> is the corresponding link.
review: Name1, Name2, Name3
  • Implemented an announcement bar on the homepage for key updates and information.
  • Writing ART Instructions: Updated the instructions. including a mention on how to use of gh (GitHub CLI) and Overleaf.

  • CSS Improvements: Made several tweaks to the website's CSS to enhance styling and user experience.

  • Curation Policy Diagram: Reviewed and updated the curating policy's content and diagram (see #submission-process).

  • Nightly CI Runs: Configured our CI to run nightly tasks that update the list of ART entries and the homepage. Run at 2:00 UTC.

  • Miscellaneous Fixes


New Features
  • Drafts Section: Introduced a new drafts section to the list view page, providing an overview of works in progress.

  • GitHub Links for Published ARTs: Added direct links to the corresponding GitHub repositories for published Anoma Research Texts (ARTs) on both the homepage and the list view page.

  • BibTeX Citations: Implemented a feature to generate BibTeX citations for each ART, now accessible from the list view page.

  • Share Links: Integrated share functionality with LinkedIn and Email for ARTs displayed in the list view, allowing users to easily disseminate research.

  • LaTeX Template Files: Updated the structure documentation to include the addition of main.tex and ref.bib files, providing a standard LaTeX template for contributors.

  • Permanent Links for ARTs: Added permanent links to each ART in the list view, ensuring stable referencing and access.


  • Launch this website.






  • Anoma Research Topics started. 🚀