Review workflow

The following diagram illustrates the review and approval process for internal submissions that uses the Overleaf platform. Note that the timeline is not included in the diagram, as it may vary depending on the submission's complexity and the reviewers' availability, and any internal discussions.

%% --8<-- [start:revision]
    participant author
    participant editor as editor board
    participant reviewer
    activate author
    author->>editor: makes "[email protected]" the owner of project
    activate editor
    note over editor: marks the submitted version as <br> under review (Overleaf's label feature)
    editor->>author: revokes temporary access to the project <br> pending completion of the review process
    deactivate author
    alt review process loop
      note over editor: assigns one or two reviewers depending <br> on the ART's topic and complexity
      editor->>reviewer: grants read-only permission <br> to the project for review
      activate reviewer
      %% note over reviewer: asks for edit permission if desired
      note over author,reviewer: At this stage, only the reviewer and <br> editor team have access to the project
      reviewer->>editor: submits feedback
      editor->>reviewer: revokes access to the project
      deactivate reviewer
      note over editor: reviews the feedback to ensure <br> it is constructive, respectful, and fair
      alt if any conflict is detected
          note over editor,reviewer: appoints alternative reviewer <br> and repeats the review process

    editor->>author: notifies the results during the review process
    alt if changes are requested
        editor->>author: grants edit permission to the project
        activate author
        note over author: makes the necessary revisions <br> answers reviewer's comments.
        author->>editor: submits revised version
        editor->>author: change edit permission to read-only
        deactivate author
        note over editor: if the revision addresses the reviewer's comments <br> up to the editor board's satisfaction, <br> the ART is accepted for publication.

    alt final editing
      note over editor:  submission copy-editing
      %% request approval from the author
      editor->>author: grants edit permission to <br> the project for minor changes
      activate author
      author->>editor: approves the final version
      deactivate author
      editor->>author: revokes access to the project <br> (freeze the project/version)

    editor->>author: notifies the acceptance of the ART for publication <br> within the next working day

    note over editor: fix submission on Zenodo
    note over editor: notifies Anoma Research communications
    note over editor: dispatches the submission to
    deactivate editor
%% --8<-- [end:revision]