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Anoma Research Topics Rationale

Anoma Research Topics (ART) is an peer-reviewed, open-access, central repository for docummenting Anoma's projects, embodying our dedication to open-source contributions and the advancement of knowledge in distributed systems, cryptography, compilers, and blockchain technology. ART consolidates research efforts, streamlines peer review processes, and promotes continuous improvement not only within the Anoma Research Team but also in the broader community.

We belive that research transparency is an indispensable resource for the community at large. It nurtures the groundwork for future technological breakthroughs, reinforcing our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within these critical domains of computer science.

As a dedicated pre-print server, ART aims to showcase several projects that are currently under development in the Anoma project's roadmap.

Some inmmediate benefits of ART include:

  • Provision of DOIs to ensure traceability.
  • Maintenance of report and software version control.
  • Improvement in the accessibility and discoverability of research (indexed by Zenodo).
  • Generation of insightful metrics to gauge usage and impact.

Read our blog post, Tracing Anoma Research Topics in Anoma's Blog, for more ideas and motivations behind ART.